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100% Pure and Organic

Organic outdoor grown, Real freshly pressed juice, Instantly Frozen to Retain the Nutrients and Enzymes. 110% Health Guarantee. NO powders or tray grown.


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LiveWheatgrass is fresh, raw and unprocessed juice packed with high levels of the listed nutrients, chlorophyll and beneficial enzymes. For example, is particularly high in Vitamins B5, B12 and E and it contains Vitamin A in 100ml. No pills, no artificially produced powders – only fresh and raw does it!. The easy way to feel better 100% naturally! A daily 30ml (1oz) portion of wheatgrass juice starts at $1.65!

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The No1. Wheatgrass Juice & Superfoods Company.


We harvest nature’s goodness to enable you to increase vitality and take charge of your health. Our 100% pure, natural and organic outdoor grown Wheatgrass juice and SuperFood juices are totally free from synthetics. Nothing added and nothing taken away. No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Raw, Vegan and Gluten Free.



Customer Testimonial

I was looking for an Organic, natural company who could provide me with Wheatgrass juice without any additional preservatives or colourings and fresh not powdered. It is also important that the products are gluten free. Britt’s Superfoods were the only company I discovered that achieved all of these things.

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Customer Testimonial

Exercise is my true passion and although I take care to achieve a balanced diet, there was always something missing. I started taking a shot of Wheatgrass each morning in my usual protein smoothie and have been blown away by the improvement in my energy and performance levels.

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Customer & Award-winning Brand Consultant

As a busy entrepreneur living between London and California and always on the go, I've found the only thing that helps keep my body alkaline and gives me that glow is Britt's Superfood's organic wheatgrass juice. It's packed full of incredible nutrients and enzymes all easily absorbed and delivered straight to the cells. It's a little miracle shot in a pot!

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