8 Must Eat Fruits and Vegetables You Should Always Buy Organic

8 Must Eat Fruits and Vegetables You Should Always Buy Organic

Being interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, does mean that the debate about organic fruit and veg is one we can not avoid. But as we all know it is still quite difficult – and expensive – to buy organic fruits and vegetables.


If you, like I, do not manage to buy everything organic – then it is worth knowing which fruits and veg are a Must Buy Organic.
Unfortunately given the increased demand for food and retailers desire to make a sale, no matter the health consequences, means that it can be quite difficult to purchase organic.
Visiting farmer’s markets can be a good alternative to locating the must-eat organic fruits and vegetables mentioned below.

#1 Apples
When it comes to healthy eating apples are for many of us an integrated part of our daily menu. We all know the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Organic apples are chock full of vitamins, and their skin delivers a healthy dosage of fiber, necessary for the health of the gastrointestinal tract. If you can not find organic apples make sure to wash them thoroughly first to remove any traces of pesticides.

#2 Blueberries
It usually quite easy to find fresh, beautiful-looking blueberries. As much as is possible go for the organic variety eventhough it is tempting to purchase the cheaper, supermarket version. If it is not possible, always wash thoroughly as pesticide residues will be left on the berries.

#3 Celery
We all know that celery is one of the healthiest veggies out there, covering the daily necessary intake of vitamin C, vitamin B and even fiber. In the situation that you cannot find organic celery, you can consider purchasing organic asparagus, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. By comparison, asparagus contains far less pesticide residue, so worth keeping in mind when you go shopping.

#4 Cherry tomatoes
No salad is complete without those delicious, bright-red cherry tomatoes. However, given the amount of pesticide residue supermarket varieties can contain, it is very important to stick to organic cherry tomatoes if at all possible. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, we are unfortunately often having to act like detectives to find the best sources of food.

#5 Sweetcorn
If you are to buy sweetcorn from a supermarket, it is likely you will purchase a genetically-modified variety. The same goes for any corn-based product, including the ever-loved popcorn. Organic sweetcorn remains the best choice, as they have not been genetically modified (yet).

#6 Cucumbers
Unfortunately, the skin of most cucumbers contains an unbelievable amount of pesticides. Given the risks you are going to expose yourself to, it is highly recommended to buy organic cucumbers and many supermarkets offer them. In the situation where you can only buy non organic, make sure to peel the skin, as this is where the pesticide residue lies.

#7 Grapes
Grapes are often recommended to be included in a person’s diet, as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, regardless of the preferred variety. However, as these can contain high amounts of pesticides on their skin it is much better to buy organic whenever possible and remember to wash throughly.

#8 Leafy greens
Leafy greens, such as lettuce, collard greens and kale, are often included in healthy recipes. However, their leaves can gather and contain a lot of pesticide residue which can be quite difficult to wash off. As you cannot remove the skin, as it happens with other food products, it is important to use organic whenever possible. Also, it is a good idea to soak them in water as rinsing them thoroughly can eliminate soil bacteria and some of that harmful pesticide residue.

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