Battling bad breath

Battling bad breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be embarrassing, anxiety-inducing, or in some cases even a sign of serious disease.

The shops are packed with mouthwashes, chewing gums and other remedies to help cover smelly breath. But are these just hiding the real problem? You might be surprised to know wheatgrass can help manage bad breath and eliminate the causes. 

Stop smells

Drinking wheatgrass juice can fight bad breath from within. Wheatgrass is a natural deodorant for your mouth. It's packed with chlorophyll, which absorbs odours to help eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Prevent cavities

Streptococcus Mutans bacteria is the prime cause of teeth cavities. The antibacterial properties of wheatgrass juice destroy this bacteria, preventing cavities and supporting healthy teeth density.

Prevent gum disease

Wheatgrass juice helps to repair receding gums by supplying essential nutrients to the tissues between teeth. Consistent use keeps gums from retaining bacteria. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps neutralise the toxins that inflame gums and loosen teeth.

Whiten teeth

Some people believe that the antibacterial properties in wheatgrass can assist in both whitening and strengthening teeth.

And the great news is, by simply swishing wheatgrass around your mouth before swallowing, not only do you help your teeth and gums, but your whole body then gets to benefit from the nutrients. What's not to love? Healthy body, healthy teeth, and a beautiful white smile.

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