Cancelling Covid - our top tips to protect yourself

Cancelling Covid - our top tips to protect yourself

The bad news is, there's no magic potion that will boost your immunity against Coronavirus overnight. The good news is, there are ways to give your immune system the best possible chance of working at its full potential.

Along with washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing, there are several other things we can do to stay healthy and safe.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, including dark leafy greens can help boost your immunity to fight against illness. Nutritionists and scientists believe that a nutritionally deficient diet can weaken your immune system, making it more susceptible to infections.

By ensuring we have a range of nutrient-rich foods we're helping to support our immune system.

One of the most nutritionally dense foods is wheatgrass. Our organic wheatgrass juice is high in Vitamin B12, B, A and E, making it a great addition to an immunity-boosting diet.

Look after your gut

Without a healthy gut, we don't fully absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. This results in fatigue and feeling rundown, at best. And at worst, it puts you at risk of developing a chronic illness as the digestive systems fails to deliver what's necessary to repair, maintain and uphold our day-to-day health.

Regular consumption of foods such as ginger, supports your gut health. As can good quality probiotics available from your local health food store.

Enjoy Organic food

It's well-documented that eating clean, nutrient-dense foods without foreign chemicals like preservatives or pesticides has beneficial long-term effects on the mind, body, and overall well-being.

The stronger your body and immune system, the better off you are against a range of concerning health issues.

Get out in the sunshine

We know it may not be easy to find but when the sun is out, make the most of it. Sunlight helps our bodies make Vitamin D, which keeps our bones strong, but it's also proven to improve our mental health.

Taking a walk in the sunshine can get our blood pumping and our hearts smiling but there's also research on how the sunlight may reduce the life of Covid-19.


Get quality sleep

While more sleep won't make us superhuman, lack of sleep almost immediately tips our immune system into imbalance.

Make sure you get a regular quota each night, ideally between 6 - 8 hours, to ensure you're doing all you can to protect your immune system

We rarely appreciate our immunity until something goes wrong. Most of the time our immune system works quietly away and we don't even notice it. Organic superfoods and juices are a great way to support your immune system. 

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