Colonic irrigation - a deep cleansing way to health

Colonic irrigation - a deep cleansing way to health

We do not tend to talk much about colonic irrigation but it is worth knowing more as can support your health.
Colonic irrigation helps a total sense of well-being, from the inside out. By using warm, filtered water, it is a gentle and comfortable way of gently loosening and stimulating the release of accumulated fecal matter, allowing the bowel to hydrate, cleanse, detoxify and tone internally. 

Colonic irrigation is good for:

Clearing the colon of hardened waste material and harmful toxins, helps:

  • the body absorb the precious nutrients from your food more easily.
  • stimulate the immune system.  
  • strengthen digestion
  • gives improved mental clarity, clearer skin complexion 
  • increased energy levels.
  • it helps against bloating, constipation and IBS irritable bowel syndrome. 

 You can read about how to look after your digestion here

If you are considering a colonic, then search for a reputable clinic in your area.

I have already booked my colonic. See you there!

Once you feel all cleansed and energised, the best way to continue this feeling is through drinking our Wheatgrass juice daily. 

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