Have a Super Summer Detox

Have a Super Summer Detox

A detox is like an internal shower, refreshing and invigorating, and whilst you can detox at any time a summer detox has unique advantages. 

Generally, during the warmer months, your appetite decreases so it's easier to modify your consumption habits. Add to this the incentive of losing a few pounds to look good in your summer clothes and you have a great starting point for your detox. 

Many of the fruits and vegetables ideal for a detox are in season in the summer months so are easier to get hold of and have that gorgeous fresh taste. Drinks such as coffee and alcohol that are typically dehydrating are best avoided during a detox and replaced with hydrating water and juices, perfect for long summer days.

So, summer is a great time to detox but how do you know if you need a detox?

If you answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions the chances are that your body is telling you it’s time for a cleanse.

Do you:

  1. Crave sugar often.
  2. Have digestive issues.
  3. Eat healthily but don't feel healthy.
  4. Have problem skin.
  5. Constantly lack energy.
  6. Feel foggy and lack concentration.
  7. Struggling with your weight.
  8. Have mood swings and sometimes feel depressed.
  9. Feel your hormones are not in a healthy balance.
  10. Experience joint pains.

Our 7-day superfood juice detox programme has been designed to give you all the guidance you need to successfully complete a full week detox.

From shopping tips to recipes, exercises, and menu plan, you can do as much or little as suits you and with the peace of mind that you'll be consuming nutrient-rich juices to support your body.

The results will leave you refreshed, energised and glowing. To order your 7-day superfood juice detox programme simply visit our shop today.

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