Healthy Fast Foods

Healthy Fast Foods

Whilst many of us admit to a sneaky drive-through or a convenient ready meal now and then, the trend in fast food consumption is becoming alarming.

Millennials now spend 45% of their budget on eating out. The UK has seen a 34% increase in fast food outlets in the past 8 years. And in the USA 1 in 6 young people eat fast food twice a day, where $50 billion is spent annually on fast food.

Add to this that about 28% of all adults in Europe are obese. And 1 in 8 children are overweight. Diabetes levels are also increasing, as are anxiety levels. So is time to change the way we consume fast food?

Whilst the occasional convenient meal won't hurt, consuming it regularly could cause real damage to your body, due to its high sugar, salt and fat content. Research has shown a link between fast food and teenage eczema and skin problems, as well as headaches, depression, tooth decay, acne, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight gain, to name a few.

And if that's the case, why do we eat so much of it?

Convenience, habit and price seem to be the main reasons. Now let’s look at some alternatives that cover those three aspects. 

Apple and nut butter

A great mix of fibre and protein, this snack is quick and easy to make. Simply slice the apple spread nut butter and consume. Quick, cheap and tasty but most importantly - healthy!

Kale chips

Grab some kale, bake it in the oven with a little oil until crispy and pack into individual bags. You can even add a little salt if you have the craving. These snacks provide the crunch without the additives of normal potato crisps.

Fruity sparkling water

Instead of soda use sparkling water with some natural ingredients for flavouring. Mint, cucumber and oranges all make for a tasty drink, without the additives and dyes in traditional sodas.

Lettuce wraps to replace bread

You can add just about anything into a lettuce leaf and wrap it up to provide you with a healthy meal try adding tuna, sliced chicken or tofu for a healthy lunch alternative

Make smoothies instead of milkshakes

Making your own may sound simple but the best way to keep control of what you put into your body is to make it yourself. Juicing some fruit and vegetables and maybe adding a superfood juice will provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins you need and will keep you full for longer.

These are all quick and simple to make and are cost effective. But, best of all they're all good for your body.

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