Skin Minimalism

Skin Minimalism

Skin minimalism

One of the biggest beauty trends in 2021, skin minimalism looks set to stay. During the recent pandemic many of us stayed home and had no need to use make-up every day, we had a little more time to spend on skincare and began to enjoy healthier skin and relish the new self-care routine.

As we emerge from our homes and start to socialise again it is thought that the minimal approach towards makeup and skincare will continue. Gone are the days of a 12 step beauty routine, instead it’s time to embrace natural beauty with just a little embellishment.

The focus of skin minimalism is ‘less is more’, we need to keep our skin in the best possible condition, without trying to achieve impossible results. The idea is to focus on what our own skin needs rather than stick to a general routine, for example, if you have dry skin you may need to focus more on moisturising than someone with oily skin who may need to focus on exfoliation

The three main steps that everyone needs are:


One of the most important steps to naturally healthy skin is cleansing, removing makeup, sweat and general grime reduce the chance of breakouts and skin problems. Once cleansed the following steps in your routine with being able to penetrate the skin more effectively.


Like everything else, our skin needs hydration. Different skin types need different types of moisturisers but everyone agrees that keeping your skin hydrated will help achieve a natural glow.


Persistent exposure to sun rays can cause damage to our skin, so a good quality sunscreen is vital for skin minimalism.

However, skin minimalism doesn’t just apply to our skincare routines, it is also applicable to our make-up routine as well.

The movement is towards embracing real skin and using fewer products to hide or cover it. Gone are the days of heavy layers of make-up and trying to achieve unobtainable beauty standards. In its place is a natural glow, dewy looks and healthy complexions. In fact, the line between skincare and makeup is becoming blurred, with tinted moisturiser, concealing sunscreen, and tinted lip balm, finding their place in many makeup bags. Also, instead of products techniques are also being used to improve the appearance of the skin, for example, facial yoga and jade rollers have both seen an increase in popularity.

So, less is more is the new beauty theme, less time spent on makeup, less money spent on a large range of products, less worry about trying to achieve the impossible and less waste. In its place more embracing of natural beauty and more emphasis on individualism.

Of course, a great way to help our skin is to manage what we eat, what we put on the inside shows on the outside so the better our diet the better our skin. A great way to make sure we achieve a good balance of nutrients is to consume our superfood juices. Convenient and tasty they offer a great way to ensure that your skin has all the nutrients it needs.


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