The 7-day superfood juice detox programme

The 7-day superfood juice detox programme

We're excited to bring you our 7-day detox programme as a new product and permanent fixture in our range.

Some of you may remember we had a detox offer in January and many of you asked if it could be available year-round. We thought it was a great idea, so here it is!

Many people are scared of doing a detox but rest assured, with this programme you can do as much or little as suits you and with the peace of mind that you'll be consuming nutrient rich juices to support your body.

We've done this detox and have our favourite juices and tips so if you ever need any help just give us a call.

Do you need to detox?

If you answer 'yes' to two or more of the questions below - you're ready for your detox now.

  1. You crave sugar often
  2. You are experiencing joint pain
  3. You have digestive issues
  4. You eat healthily but don't feel healthy
  5. Your skin is not clear
  6. You are constantly lacking energy
  7. You are not concentrating and feel foggy
  8. You are struggling with your weight
  9. Your hormones are not in a healthy balance
  10. You have mood swings and sometimes feel depressed

You can decide to ‘go all in’ and substitute all meals with healthy superfood juices, or you can decide to replace one or two meals with juices. Superfood juices are great at keeping hunger pangs at bay. 

This is because we often over-eat but are actually under-nourished. When you drink superfood juices you get all the nutrition your body needs and therefore don't feel hungry.

Why detox?

Detoxing is nature’s way of accelerating recovery and repair. It allows the body to restore balance, remove toxins and excess fat, all of which hinder vitality.

During the cleanse you ease the digestive process by replacing meals with organic, nutrient-dense juices to provide you with a full load of healing and energising vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Once the fibres in the vegetables and low-GI fruit are broken down, the vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes are quickly absorbed by the body.

The result of a juice cleanse is natural weight loss, glowing skin, brighter eyes, cleaner blood, liver, kidneys and an invigorating sense of optimism.

What’s included?

Our programme will guide you through the detox, with helpful hints and tips including:

  • Yoga exercises
  • Safety tips
  • Detox prep and shopping list
  • Pre and post-detox plan
  • Detox recipes
  • Support if you need it

Along with your free detox programme worth £15, you'll receive:

  • 60 sachets of organic wheatgrass juice
  • 14 sachets of organic ginger, turmeric and apple juice
  • 10 sachets of original Elixir Vitality juice
  • E-detox recipe book
  • Free frozen delivery to your door

To order your healthy 7 day detox programme simply visit our shop today. 


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