The best superfoods during pregnancy

The best superfoods during pregnancy

It can be fantastic and often long-awaited news to hear that you're pregnant. But following the joy and elation, concern and trepidation can sometimes set in. Will I be a good parent? Am I ready? And what can and can’t I eat?

Firstly, rest assured that these are all perfectly normal reactions. And secondly, it’s great to know that superfoods can help boost all the nutrients and vitamins you need whilst pregnant.

The National Health Service in the UK recommends that all expectant mothers eat a varied diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, some additional nutrients may be required these are:


Folate is a B vitamin that is found naturally in many vegetables and helps protect against neural tube disorders. 

Unfortunately, most pregnancy multivitamins use folic acid, which is a synthetic chemical, instead of natural folate, which is utilised much more efficiently in the body. It's difficult to convert folic acid to Folates in the body, which makes us question if we are obtaining enough folate for our baby?

High quality prenatal supplements are a good start but nothing compares to natural food. Foods that contain Folate include: 

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Beetroot 

Vitamin D

Everyone needs Vitamin D as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. This helps to keep our bones, muscles and teeth strong.

It's particularly important in pregnancy as it helps the baby’s bones, teeth, heart and nervous system develop. Whilst our bodies can make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, in the darker months supplements may be required. Food containing Vitamin D includes:

  • Oily fish
  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Mushrooms


Currently, additional iron is only recommended to women who show low levels on a blood test. You should be able to get all of the iron you need from food but a good way to help the absorption of iron is to eat iron-rich foods with foods that are high in vitamin C. Food with high iron levels includes:

  • Shellfish
  • Spinach
  • Legumes
  • Red meat
  • Britt's Superfoods blended green juice

Some of the best superfoods to eat whilst pregnant are: 


Rich in folates, iron and vitamin C Beets are great to eat when pregnant. Low on the glycemic index, it can help control sugar levels whilst providing an antioxidant boost. The added advantage of beetroot is that it acts as a natural energiser, great for when pregnancy tiredness kicks in! You can find this superfood in our blended beetroot and maqui juice.


Leafy green vegetables including kale, broccoli and spinach are a great source of multiple vitamins including fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate, and potassium. They’re packed full of green goodness.

Our organic kale juice is a fantastic source of vitamin A, C and K and can be easily added to your breakfast smoothie. Whilst 100ml of our blended green juice contains 73.5% of the RDA for iron.


Pomegranate juice is full of potent antioxidants that keep free radicals from damaging the brain cells. Nutrient-dense they are also a great source of energy. With high levels of iron and Vitamin K for healthy bones, it's a great juice for pregnant women.

Recent research suggests that pomegranate juice may also help to decrease the risk of injury to the placenta. Pomegranate juice can be found in our Elixir Vitality superfood juice. Supercharged with antioxidant-rich berries and blended with matcha tea and aloe vera this juice is as delicious as it is healthy.


The secret superfood, containing as much protein as steak ounce for ounce and packed with B vitamins, this inexpensive ingredient is a good way to load up on nutrients.


A powerhouse of a superfood containing high levels of Vitamins A, B5, B12 & E . Wheatgrass can help maintain energy levels, a healthy immune system and support good digestive health. With high levels of chlorophyll, its antioxidant qualities can stimulate blood circulation and help detoxify the body.

Add to this then benefits to the skin and hair and it’s a nutrient-rich winner for women during pregnancy. Our wheatgrass juice is pure and organic, gently harvested and flash frozen to retain all its goodness.

The best thing for a healthy pregnancy is a healthy diet. Using superfoods can help boost your vitamin and nutrient intake and one of the most convenient ways to do this is by drinking superfood juices.

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