Top 5 cholesterol myths busted

Top 5 cholesterol myths busted

For a long time, cholesterol has been seen as the bad guy. Too much of the fatty substance in our blood can cause serious health problems.

But the truth is, we all need cholesterol. Our bodies use it to produce Vitamin D, hormones and to help our metabolisms work effectively.

recent research suggests rather than vilifying cholesterol, we should be focusing more on the negative effects sugar, sugar substitutes and processed food have on our bodies. 

1. High Cholesterol only happens to older adults


Anyone can have high cholesterol, even if you're slim, fit and young. High cholesterol can be caused by several different things including diet, lifestyle and genetics. 

2. Only men have high cholesterol


Both men and women are at greater risk of high cholesterol as they age and add a few pounds. It would appear that younger women who are pre-menopause are at a lower risk due to high levels of oestrogen, however, postmenopausal women may see their cholesterol levels rise. 

3. You don't feel ill, so you're okay

Not necessarily

You usually will not have symptoms with high cholesterol levels, just like high blood pressure and diabetes, which are other silent conditions that could lead to heart disease. 

4. Statins will reduce my high cholesterol

Not Necessarily

Statins reduce all cholesterol in the body, which can lead to some terrible side effects. For a long time many medical experts believed that statins can help improve heart health and lower cholesterol, but now there is mounting research to show that this may not actually be the case.

5. Eggs are really unhealthy


Eggs are packed full of proteins, nutrients and healthy fat. They're a great source of COq10, which is beneficial for the heart. And organic free-range eggs are naturally rich in omega 3, which is also good for heart health.

There are many myths about cholesterol. But thanks to scientific progress we're discovering what's really true, and what's a misconception.

Often, the best way is the natural way. Look after your body by reducing your consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods, and opt for a diet of natural organic foods instead, combined with regular exercise and mindfulness.

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