Why is organic important?

Why is organic important?

With the recent changes the world's been through, people are focusing on solutions to help restore nature, climate change, and their own health. This makes organic September more important now, than ever.

But what are the biological, personal and environmental benefits of organic food?

It's better for your health

    • Lower levels of heavy metals - due to the lack of pesticides, organic food has substantially lower levels of heavy metals and chemicals.
    • Higher antioxidants - organic produce has higher levels of antioxidants, with strong evidence of a significant increase in certain flavonoids. In fact, a recent study showed that switching from conventionally grown food to organic could result in 20-40% more antioxidants.
    • It's fresher - with no preservatives, organic food has to be fresh meaning more nutrients and vitamins.
    • Improved water quality - organic farming reduces pesticides that can run through the land and end up in your drinking water.
    • It tastes better - if you pick a tomato from your garden or buy one packed in the supermarket, which tastes better?

It's better for the planet

    • Soil - organic farming maintains healthy soil. Chemicals sprayed on non-organic crops, kill everything other than the crop itself. This includes the living organisms that a plant needs to grow and make the soil nutrient-rich.
    • Bio-Diversity - organic farming supports pollinators. Pesticides do not differentiate between good and bad bugs, it just kills them all. In order to maintain our planet, we need to keep some biodiversity, from bees and bugs to bulls and bison!
    • Sustainability - organic farming works with nature not against it, using nature's resources to produce our food.
    • Climate change - organic farming can help combat climate change. If half of all farming in the EU converted to organic by 2030, we could cut almost a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Water - in many areas, pollution of groundwater by fertilisers and pesticides is a real problem. With organic farming, this is greatly reduced.

Now more than ever it's important to buy organic. So to celebrate organic September try one of our organic superfoods juices, and treat both yourself and the planet.


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