Why our superfood juices are unique

Why our superfood juices are unique

People often ask us what makes our superfood juices special? There are many elements that give them optimal nutritional value and great taste whilst also remaining natural.

Outdoor grown

Our wheatgrass juice is grown organically, outdoors in the English countryside during nature's own seasonal cycles. The wheatgrass grows over a two or three-month period and we only harvest when the wheatgrass contains optimal nutrients.  

Our outdoor grown Wheatgrass juice has:

  • 48% higher chlorophyll content
  • And 28% higher antioxidant content compared to tray grown Wheatgrass.*

*This has been verified by independent universities and the results can be seen in our FAQs.


Our other fruits and vegetables are also grown locally using traditional farming methods in outdoor fields. All of our crops are totally organic** and completely free of herbicides and pesticides

**Excluding red grapes and raspberries, which are responsibility sourced

Deep root farming

We use traditional, organic deep root farming methods to ensure the protection of the environment. We also utilise crop rotation techniques and fallowing, which feeds the land so it can then feed our crops. 

Optimal harvest

We harvest our outdoor grown Wheatgrass when it has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm. This is when the plant contains the most powerful energy and nutrients.

We carefully harvest to ensure that the delicate grass is not bruised. Our other fruits and vegetables are selected by hand to ensure a superior quality product.


Our wheatgrass and superfood juices go straight from the juicer to being immediately sealed into convenient 30ml sachets, ready to be flash-frozen.

It’s widely recognised that the sooner fresh produce is consumed after harvest the more nutritionally rich it is.

That’s why we immediately freeze our wheatgrass and other superfood juices, using blast freezers to preserve the important: 

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • And enzymes.

Our juice is then stored at -35˚C to guarantee it retains all its nutritional qualities when delivered to your door. 

Health Benefits

Our Superfood juices have a wide range of health benefits for example:

Our raw, organic and fresh wheatgrass juice contains higher levels of chlorophyll than any other green vegetable. Due to its exceptionally high nutritional content, fresh Wheatgrass juice can contribute to:

  • Healthy energy levels.
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Boost physical and mental performance.
  • And support a healthy immune system.

We are the only company in the world who can bring you fresh, raw, organic barley grass juice in its purest form. Barleygrass juice is exceptionally rich in essential enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, which mean that consumption can support:

  • Normal muscle function.
  • Boost a healthy immune system.
  • And protect your cells from oxidative stress.

A superfood champion, our raw, organic kale juice has a whole host of benefits, thanks to its incredible nutritional properties.

Kale juice can aid with:

  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • And also supports healthy skin, bones, gums and tissue.

Investing in the future

We're constantly striving to find new methods of production and juicing to provide an even better product. We've recently commissioned a state-of-the-art harvester to gently cut and gather our wheatgrass more efficiently.

This means that we can get our organic wheatgrass from field to juicer even quicker, preserving yet more nutrients.

Over the past year we have also been working hard on replacing our current polystyrene packing with an environmentally friendly alternative and we cant wait to share this with you.

We have many more exciting new developments coming, all aiming to produce the best quality superfood juices we can, whilst protecting the environment. We'll share these with you over the next few months.

We believe that by providing the very best nature has to offer in organic outdoor grown superfoods, that are always raw and never powdered, our superfood juices are truly unique.

Try for yourself by visiting our shop today.

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