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SuperFood Juice Slushies


Each bag contains individual 1 FL OZ shots of frozen superfood slushies. Delivered still frozen direct to your door.

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50 Individual Shots 

(50 FL OZ Shots)

SuperFood Juice Slushies

$2 per FL OZ

1 Frozen Juice Bag

100 Individual Shots

(100 FL OZ Shots)

SuperFood Juice Slushies

$1.89 per FL OZ

2 Frozen Juice Bags

200 Individual Shots

(200 FL OZ Shots)

SuperFood Juice Slushies

$1.65 per FL OZ

4 Frozen Juice Bags

400 Individual Shots

(400 FL OZ Shots)

SuperFood Juice Slushies

$1.45 per FL OZ

6 Frozen Juice Bags

Superfood Slushy

A real delight for the whole family to enjoy, our pure, fresh SuperFood Slushy is the only iced treat on the market that can also boost your health! Due to the incredible nutrients and vitamins contained within the SuperFood Slushy.


Nothing added and nothing taken away. Britt’s Superfoods products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are 100% Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free.


We immediately freeze our Wheatgrass and Superfood juices after harvest, to preserve the important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our juice is stored at -31°F to guarantee that it retains all of its nutritional qualities when delivered.

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Benefit from a boost in energy levels, a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, an improvement in psychological performance, and healthy bones, skin, hair, gums and nails!

Health Benefits

Elixir Vitality juice contains high levels of Vitamins which help: 

  • Boost energy levels
  • Reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Boost physical & mental performance
  • Red blood cell development
  • Contributes to healthy hair
  • Supports healthy bones, muscle, gums & connective tissue
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Improve collagen for healthy skin 

Enjoy 1 shot (1 FL OZ) per day for these health benefits. 

General Nutritional
100ml%RDA in


Calories70.3 Kcal
   (of which sugars)(12.7g)
   (of which saturates)(0g)
Vitamin C14.6mg308%
Vitamin B122.9mcg200%
Vitamin E0.4mg1021%

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