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Kale, Reishi & Maca Juice

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Each bag contains individual 1 FL OZ shots of frozen Kale, Reishi & Maca juice. Delivered still frozen direct to your door.

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90 Frozen 

 1 FL OZ Shots

Kale, Reishi & Maca Juice

$2.56 per FL OZ

120 Frozen 

 1 FL OZ Shots

Kale, Reishi & Maca Juice

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180 Frozen

1 FL OZ Shots

Kale, Reishi & Maca Juice

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Kale, Reishi & Maca Juice

Kale, Reishi & Maca juice Blend is a raw, super charged drink with a whole host of health benefits. The high nutrient content aids a healthy immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and supports healthy skin.


Our Wheatgrass and Superfood juices are grown outdoors in fields to traditional farming methods. All of our crops are totally organic and completely free of herbicides and pesticides.


Nothing added and nothing taken away. Britt’s Superfoods products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are 100% Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free.


We immediately freeze our Wheatgrass and Superfood juices after harvest, to preserve the important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our juice is stored at -31°F to guarantee that it retains all of its nutritional qualities when delivered.

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A SuperFood champion, our raw, Organic Kale, Reishi & Maca juice has a whole host of benefits, thanks to its incredible nutritional properties. Kale Juice can aid with boosting the immune system, protecting cells from oxidative stress and also supports healthy skin, bones, gums and tissue.

Health Benefits

Kale, Reishi & Maca juice contains high levels of Vitamins A, C & K which helps: 

  • healthy bones, muscle, gums & connective tissue
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress to support health
  • Supports collagen for normal function of skin
  • Red blood cells development
  • Maintain healthy skin
  • Supports the immune system

1 serving shot per day (1 FL OZ) to obtain these health benefits.

General Nutritional
100ml%RDA in


Calories50 Kcal
   (of which sugars)(0g)
   (of which saturates)(0g)
Vitamin A15376IU308%
Vitamin B120 mg200%
Vitamin K817 mcg1021%
Manganese0.8 mg39%

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Tasty and nutricious

Received these as a free trial with my normal Wheatgrass order. They taste great and have the usual goodness of Kale but with added zest of apple and the excellent qualities of Reishi mushrooms. Highly recommended.

Great for the immune system and blood

I love the raw kale juice and I take it together with the wheatgrass Juice. the kale juice is really high in vitamin A, K , C and the mineral Manganese, which is perfect for me as I am looking to strengthen my blood and immune system. I can also see that it has helped my skin. Great product!

Excellent product!!!

This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it. The taste is so much better than anything else you can find on the market, delivery is fast and the customer service is terrific. Any concerns I have had have all been resolved by Britt’s Superfoods’ very helpful and attentive staff.

Love kale!

It works perfect for me as walking to my freezer gives me a satchel of frozen kale juice ready to drink I have it purely for my bones as have osteoporosis.

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