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Alkaline Foods You Need To Nourish Your Body & Skin All Winter

From staying healthy and energised to achieving great radiant skin, the pH in your body is vital to your wellbeing.

Did you know that our blood pH must stay within a very narrow range or we could suffer serious illness and death as a result?

This is so essential to our body that we have an in-built maintenance mechanism that help protect our blood at all costs, – sometimes at the expense of our tissues.

When our tissues become acidic our major systems, such as our organs, digestion and skin health can suffer from great damage.

Acid-forming food are: coffee, red meat, milk, other dairy products, processed foods, sugar, alcohols.

The trouble is that if we are not eating enough alkaline-forming foods for the body to get its natural healthy pH, then the body takes the minerals from other parts of the body, such as calcium from bones, magnesium from organs etc. This of course  results in a compromised immune system, colds, dull looking skin and lack of energy levels!

Eating an alkaline diet will help keep your body and pH levels in balance giving you health, energy and great skin. 

You can maintain a healthy pH balance by eating more alkaline-forming foods such as:

Fruits & berries – especially raspberries, melon, strawberries, limes, lemon, pineapple

Vegetables – especially the green veg, wheatgrass juice (which, as you know, is full of chlorophyll), onions, sweet potatoes, Nuts, Herbs. 

As a general rule, stick to these tips and you’ll be on your way to healthy alkalinity:

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water with a bit of fresh lemon. The lemon becomes alkaline in the body. This is a great pick-me-up tip which will also detoxify your liver.

Eat the Orange & Green spectrum

Brightly coloured orange foods such as apricots, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin are all great, as they contain the natural pigments, flavonoids, which also have antioxidant, alkalising, and cell-protecting properties.

Drinking your greens through smoothies and juices- or just a shot of Live Wheatgrass juice with a bit of apple juice. Green vegetables are particularly rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll and alkaline properties.


Load up on garlic

Garlic is a moderately alkalising immunity-boosting superstar that is available all year round. Did you know that one clove contains more than 100 healthy sulfuric compounds that are powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection? Adding garlic to your meals will provide you with an injection of empowering and immune-boosting ammunition this winter season.

Try turmeric

Turmeric, is a great spice. It is highly alkalising and contains curcumin, a compound that increases the level of immunity-boosting proteins in our bodies.

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