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Beneficial Barley Grass

Did you know that Barley Grass is one of the world’s oldest crops?  Used as currency by ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Egyptians, it has long been known for its medicinal purposes. Gladiators ate it for strength and Pre-war pharmacists sold dried varieties as vitamin supplements, a lot of us probably think of Beer when we think of Barley but why should we drink Barley Grass Juice?

According to a study carried out by  Yawen Zeng et al.(2018), 

“Due to the nutrients, Barley Grass promotes sleep; has antidiabetic effect; regulates blood pressure; enhances immunity; protects liver; has anti-acne/detoxifying and antidepressant effects; improves gastrointestinal function; has anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypolipidemic, and antigout effects; reduces hyperuricemia; prevents hypoxia, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, and constipation; alleviates atopic dermatitis; is a calcium supplement; improves cognition;”

To look at a few of these in more detail:

Immunity Boosting

Barley Grass is high in many key nutrients that help to support the immune system, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. This gives your body the nutrients it needs to fight off infections.

It is very high in vitamin C which is crucial to the overall health of the body and its efforts to fight off infections – both bacterial and viral.

White blood cells contain 20 times the amount of vitamin C than other cells and require constant replenishment to keep the immune system working to its optimum capacity.

Promotes healthy, skin, hair and vision

Barley Grass is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin B and iron - all these components play an important role in renewing and regenerating cells, thus maintaining healthy skin. Quercetin gives elasticity to the skin and also prevents the development of folds of loose skin.

Helps Digestion

Barley Grass is a natural source of organic sodium, which is needed by the lining of the stomach. As it is also rich in digestive enzymes it reduces the toxins in the body and restores the lining of the stomach. Barley Grass helps keep a balance in the gut and keeps fluids from building up so can be particularly beneficial for people with symptoms of digestive issues.

No Gluten  or Barley/wheat

The Barley Grass leaf does not contain any gluten nor barley as it is the young leaf. Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat or barley and it is contained in the corn, which is developed much later. The Barley Grass or Wheatgrass does NOT contain gluten or wheat/barley.

Is a good source of protein and fibre

According to celebrity nutritionist Gillian McKeith, Barley Grass offers “more protein than a Sirloin Steak, 5X the iron of a head of broccoli, 7 x more Vitamin C than an orange and 11 x more calcium than milk”, meaning that for us it can reduce constipation and generally help with stomach health.

Improves Insulin Resistance

According to several studies, Barley Grass can improve insulin resistance and lower sugar levels, which helps people with diabetes control the changes in their sugar levels throughout the day. It has been found that, the antioxidants and vitamins found in the Barley leaf help this condition.

We are the only company in the world who can bring you fresh, raw, Organic Barleygrass Juice in its purest form. Barleygrass juice is exceptionally rich in essential enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, which mean that consumption can support normal muscle function, boost a healthy immune system and protect your cells from oxidative stress.

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