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Can wheatgrass help to fight cancer?

We know that a healthy diet, will keep us as healthy as possible and give our bodies the best chance to fight illness and infection.

But it may surprise you to learn that in the scientific articles of Michael S Donaldson. Nutrition and cancer: A review of the evidence for an anti-cancer diet it was concluded that  between 30 and 40% of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and diet.

So what should our diet include if we want to help prevent and fight cancers?. 

We also know there are factors which lower our cancer risk:

* Flax seed, especially its lignan fraction
* High volume of fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly green vegetables, high in chlorophyll)
* Allium vegetables (onions and garlic) and cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli) are especially helpful.

      We should ensure these elements are present in our diet for added protection:

      * Selenium
      * Folic acid
      * Vitamin B12
      * Vitamin D
      * Chlorophyll
      * Antioxidants such as carotenoids

        Donaldson’s research concludes that such a diet would be conducive to preventing cancer and would positively help recovery from cancer too. He concludes that it is likely that there could be at least a 60–70% decrease in breast, colorectal and prostate cancers, and a 40–50% decrease in lung cancer, along with similar reductions in cancers in other places, by strict adherence to a diet that included all the elements above.

        It's easy to be put off by this long list of dietry requirements, but there are easy ways we can incorporate elements into our daily diets.

        The first is to make wheatgrass a central part of your new regime. Just look at the nutritional benefits:

        * 1oz of wheatgrass juice contains as much vitamin E as 700g of broccoli
        * 100g contains, gram for gram, 270% more vitamin A than broccoli
        * 100g contains 1600% RDA of B12
        * 100g contains 17 times more Vitamin B5 than bananas
        * 100g contains 7.5 times the amount of green chlorophyll than broccoli

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