Can wheatgrass juice help with coughs and colds? - Britt's Superfoods

Can wheatgrass juice help with coughs and colds?

Wheatgrass juice is antioxidant-packed and a good option when trying to fight infection and treating cold symptoms like cough and fever. A great source of vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals like zinc, it’s good for giving your immune system a boost.

Not only is wheatgrass rich in antioxidants but the high levels of amino acids, chlorophyll and vitamins make it a brilliant weapon in the seasonal fight against colds and flu.

Wheatgrass juice contains higher levels of chlorophyll than other green vegetables. It helps strengthen your immune system and blood cells, supporting your overall health.

Our immune systems cope with daily challenges - depleted energy levels, contact with ‘aggressors’ (colds, viruses, infections), less-than-ideal nutrition: without us feeding our bodies correctly we can’t expect our immune systems to protect us. A simple superfood addition to your diet can make such a difference - why not see how it makes you feel?

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