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Healthy and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

The summer holidays have started and there are lots of days to fill to keep your kids active. Here are our ten top tips to keep them entertained in a healthy way.

1. Make ice lollies

Instead of reverting to pre maid versions let the children make their own, you can oversee what goes in them and they can have fun being creative. We love mixing our superfood juices with fruit and seeing what pretty lollies we can make. Try using Elixir vitality, sparkling water and berries or Ginger & Turmeric juice orange slices and low-calorie lemonade.

2. Get cooking

The long summer days are a great way to teach children about food and what better way than letting them make their own meals. From home-made bread made into cute shapes or pizza with lots of fruits and veggies there are many ways to get creative whilst including healthy ingredients.

3. Get arty

How about a stone garden, a fairy garden or a monster’s cavern? The great part about this is that the children need to forage for the building blocks. A stone garden needs stones that can be painted on, a fairy garden needs some wood that can be made into a door and a monster’s cavern needs stones to paint. Once the materials have been gathered, they can be painted and made into whatever the children like. A bug garden can be made by painting ladybirds and spiders onto stones, a fairy garden by making small door that can be put on a tree, with painted stones for them to sit on in a fairy ring…. The possibilities are endless.

4. Do a different exercise

The summer is the perfect time to try new things depending on the age of your children. Swimming, bike riding, yoga and rock climbing are all great summer sport. As is kayaking, paddle barding and surfing it doesn’t matter what it is as long as its active, new and fun. 

5. Give a new responsibility

It’s important for children to grow emotionally and part of growth is responsibility, anything from making their bed to taking out the rubbish is a responsibility, and the summer is as good a time as any to learn a new one. 

6. Plant something

This can be a cucumber in a pot, a vegetable patch or a whole allotment- however far you want to go. Growing, nurturing and eventually enjoying the produce is a great learning for children. Not only does it teach where food comes from. But it also instigates an understanding of the circle of life- a great head start on biology lessons!

7. Get creative

Remember the days before social media and electronic devices where we had to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. Have an old-fashioned day where the kids are electronic free. They can make a camp, read a book, write and perform a play or simply play make believe.

8. Do something new

Have your family never camped out or gone berry picking, have you ever had a picnic under the stars to see if you can see any shooting ones. Maybe you have always wanted to go horse riding, swimming in the sea or stay up all night- pick a new activity and enjoy it together. 

9. Learn some music

This can be though listening to music, playing an instrument or making an instrument. How about a home-made guitar( a box with some stings over it) home-made maracas ( container with beans in) or a home-made drum( an up=tuned saucepan) maybe get some friends round a make up a band each playing something different- you never know you could be encouraging a huge talent for the future 

10. Keep active

    Whatever the summer brings try to maintain some activity every day, this can be from water fight to walks, activities to walking the dog and races to gardening. A little exercise a day will keep everyone at their best.

    A great way to get extra nutrition into you children is to add a superfood juice to their routine, in a smoothie or as a shot, they are brimming with vitamins and nutrients and an easy way to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need, to find out kore visit our shop here.


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