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Healthy Tipples This Festive Season

As the festive season unfolds and gatherings become more frequent, the customary clinking of glasses resonates with the spirit of the holidays. This season, however, maybe we should reflect on our choices, and think of our health and well-being. 

Here we explore a number of healthy tipples for the festive season. From meticulously crafted mocktails, to thoughtfully juices. The aim being to intertwine the pleasure of celebration with the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 

Green Morning Elixir

Green juice presents a healthy and convenient option for a breakfast beverage. Many of us find it challenging to eat a substantial meal early in the morning, but we're well aware of the importance of breakfast.

Green juice comes to the rescue by providing an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, and energy, offering everything you need to kickstart your day.

You will need:
1 sachet Britt’s Superfoods Kale, reishi and maca juice
2 apples
2 celery sticks
1 carrot
½ lime

Prepare your ingredients by slicing the apples, carrots, and celery into juicer-friendly pieces.

Feed the ingredients into the juicer, starting with the celery, followed by carrots, and finally, apple. Once juiced, add the sachet of Britt’s Superfoods Kale reishi and maca juice
Give the juice a good stir, and serve!

Ginger, Elderflower and Mint Mocktail

This fantastic mocktail is refreshing, tasty and sums up summer!

You will need the following:
🍋 1 teaspoon elderflower cordial
🍋1 sachet of Britt's superfoods Apple, ginger & turmeric juice
🍋 1 sprig of fresh mint
🍋 2 cans of organic ginger ale

Mix them all together and enjoy

Rhubarb Razzle

Try this seasonal refreshing, healthy drink to give you a kickstart.

Rhubarb is an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants. Studies show that rhubarb may lower cholesterol, and adding our Elixir Vitality juice adds an extra energy boost.

Aside from its delicious taste, our fresh, raw Elixir Vitality juice is an incredible anti-oxidant and provides a natural energy boost. The high levels of vitamins and nutrients it contains also boost the immune system support blood cell development and assist with healthy skin, nails and vision.

You only need:

2 glasses of water
2 rhubarb stalks
1 sachet Britt's Superfoods Elixir vitality juice

Cut the rhubarb stalks and boil them in one glass of water. Strain and add the cooled juice to the Elixir Vitality and ann extra water to taste.

Elixir Sangria

Sangria conjures up images of flamenco and holidays, so to be able to consume a healthy version of this wonderful drink is fantastic. Made with our Elixir Vitality juice, which is an incredible antioxidant and natural energy booster, you'll need to make a large pitcher of this drink.

Mixed with sparkling water, grape juice and cranberry juice, this beverage is rich in Vitamin C and is good for supporting urinary health, digestive health and could also help prevent infections.

You will need:

2 sachets Britt’s superfoods Elixir Vitality Juice
1/3 glass grape juice
1/3 glass cranberry juice
Sparkling water to mix
Fruit to garnish

Heart Health Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is a heart-healthy drink that is rich in antioxidants, nitrates, and other beneficial compounds.

It can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Beetroot juice is also high in fibre and low in calories, making it a great choice for those looking to maintain a healthy weight and support a healthy heart.

Why not try this yummy beetroot drink.

You will need:
💜 1 sachet Britt's Superfoods Beetroot & Maqui Juice
💜 1 cup sparkling water
💜 squeeze of lime
💜 teaspoon of rose water

New Year Mocktail

Looking for something fun, different and good for you? Then this could be the drink for your this New Years Eve.

You will: need
1 sachet Britt's Superfoods beetroot and maqui juice
Ginger ale
Cranberry juice

Simply mix them together in the quantities that you prefer and enjoy!

Let's toast to a season that blends the joy of celebration with a mindful nod to health.  To order your juices to make these delicious drinks visit our shop here today. Cheers to enjoying the best of both worlds!

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