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How much wheatgrass juice should I drink ?

Thinking of trying wheatgrass juice or already drinking it but wondering how much you should consume to get the maximum benefit?

The simple table below offers you a guide, however if you are still unsure we are always happy to help, simply call our customer service number on 08002289450

How much wheatgrass juice should I drink per day?
Recommended doses for wheatgrass juice


 1/4 to 1/2 of one ounce (28ml) sachets.                                                                               

 Under 50 years of age and average weight

 Women: min.1-2 ounces (28-56ml) per day
Men: min. 2 or 3(56-84ml) ounces per day

 Over 50 years of age or above average weight

 Women: min. 2-3 (56-84ml) ounces per day
 Men: min. 3 or 4 (84-112) ounces per day

 Seeking major changes

 Those trying to affect a major change should discuss dosage with a qualified nutritionist. However, typically it may be recommended that  you start with 4-6 ounces (112-140) per day for 2 months, then you can re-evaluate and decide whether to continue, discontinue or economise.

Britt’s Superfoods conveniently packages wheatgrass shots in 1oz/28ml sachets so it’s easy to know how much you are consuming. We also offer a Juice Club to ensure that those who wish to take regular juices can do so as conveniently and as cost efficiently as possible.



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