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How to get your daily dose of nature

Studies have shown spending time outdoors and among plants and animals is beneficial to both physical and mental welfare. However during these challenging times when our access to the outside may be limited how can we ensure that we are getting our daily dose of nature? 

  • Blossom watch – Hanami the traditional Japanese tradition of viewing the cherry blossom is being emulated in Europe. If you have blossom in your garden on street you can post pictures at #blossomwatch and share with people who may not be able to get out and help them reconnect with nature.
  • Breakfast Birdwatch - The RSPB has also begun the daily Breakfast Birdwatch, which allows you to report from inside your homes from 8am-9am on weekdays. Search some of the postings and see the amazing sighting people are seeing from their living rooms.
  • Make a bird feeder – if you don’t usually see birds outside your window place a bowl of water and some bird feed on a window ledge and you will soon have chirping friends to look at.
  • Get outside – if you can get outside safely whilst still observing all guidelines, make the most of your time, you can make scavenger hunts for kids or play spot the insect.
  • Wildlife webcams – if you can't get outside there are many wildlife cams that you can access to get your dose of nature, UK wildlife cams here. 
  • Live from African watering hole, look at Ospreys here
  •  Spring Planting - If you can get outside to a garden or a window box on a balcony now is a perfect time for Spring planting. Beans, Peas, Potatoes and Beetroot can all be planted now.
  • Growing from scraps - however if you cant get outside you can still use your window sill for some inside nature. Did you know that you can grow many foods from the scraps that you have in your kitchen
    • lettuce and cabbage - Simply place the leftover leaf in a bowl with just a little water in the bottom and keep in good sunlight, mist the leaves with water a couple of times a day and after 3-4 days you will notice roots appearing and you can transplant into soil or keep in water.
    • Potatoes, leave one potato in sunlight and after a few days it will begin to sprout, when the shoots turn into green leaves it can be planted and will grow many more potatoes
    • Tomatoes – you can grow tomatoes by simply saving the seeds. Rinse the seeds and let them dry. Once dried you can put them in compost and will soon have tomato plants
    • Spring Onion – are really easy to grow indoors, simply place the white root in a cup of water, change the water every few days and snip the green as often as you need for use in salads.
    • Pineapple – Pineapples are fun to grow as you can see their root system develop quickly, you may have to wait a lot of years to get Pineapples but you can grow a nice houseplant relatively quickly.
  •  Make your own nature with your kids, - paper flowers may be no match for the real thing but they are practical and pretty. They can be made from tissue paper, newspaper or any paper that you have lying around- go on be inspired by nature and bring the outside in.

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