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The 10 Superfoods for diabetics

Generally, it’s a good idea for diabetics to eat a low glycemic diet, eating foods that convert into energy at a slow pace to avoid blood glucose level spikes. Recent research has also shown that eating a low-calorie diet can help and even push type 2 diabetes into remission.

Eating a diet that helps manage high blood sugar levels, along with lifestyle changes is a great way to combat diabetes. Ten of the superfoods that can contribute to this are listed below;

1.Wheatgrass juice is a great addition to your diet if you have diabetes as it could contribute to reducing blood sugar levels and improving health. It has been shown that changing diet and lifestyle can often reduce high blood sugar levels and adding an organic superfood juice is a great way to start.

People have used wheatgrass as a traditional medicine for type 2 diabetes for a long time, and initial scientific research has shown some encouraging results. A 2016 study, for example, found that wheatgrass raised insulin levels and helped lower blood glucose in rats and another study showed that the inclusion of wheatgrass in various food recipes resulted in a significant decrease in the glycemic index of humans.

2. Ginger: Research has shown that Ginger can reduce blood sugar levels and regulate insulin in people with diabetes. This popular anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory root has long been used in medicinal treatments and whilst further research is needed adding it to your diet can be beneficial.

study on the impact of nutrition in more than 64,000 women for 15 years found that eating anti-oxidant rich foods significantly lowered type 2 diabetes risk. so adding antioxidant-rich foods such as the above can make a significant change to our overall health and well being.

A simple way to add these to your diet is by drinking one of our organic superfood juices every day. Packed with vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants they are a great way to give a boost to your diet.

3.Spinach is well known for its iron content but it is also high in potassium. As research has linked low potassium levels to an increased risk of diabetes, adding this to your diet makes sense. Spinach is also very low on the glycemic index so has little effect on sugar levels.

4.Beans: Whatever your favourite beans are add more to your diet to keep you full for longer. Packed with magnesium, potassium and fibre, - kidney, black, pinto and garbanzo beans are a great source of protein and great for stabilisng blood glucose levels.

5.Berries: Most berries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. So stock up on blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or whatever else you fancy. They are a great way to get sweetness into your diet without adding sugar.

6. Nuts: The combination of fibre, protein and healthy fats in nuts make them a great snack when managing hunger. Research has shown that people who eat nuts at least twice a week had a lower rate of weight gain than those who didn’t. As weight gain is a factor for diabetes, nuts are a good snack to reach for when hunger strikes.

7. Leafy Greens: Packed with vitamins and minerals these powerful superfoods are low in calories and carbohydrates. Add Kale, chard and dandelion greens to stews or soups or enjoy arugula or bok choi as a salad.

8. Avocado: Full of healthy fats and containing about 20 different vitamins and minerals, this heart-healthy food could help to keep blood levels stable. Containing 10-14 grams of fibre per fruit also helps to keep you feeling full for longer.

9. CinnamonResearch has indicated that people who consumed cinnamon supplements, in a trial saw improvements in. blood sugar levels. Long used as traditional medicine, it’s easy to add cinnamon to your diet by adding it to soups and stews on sprinkling on salads and sides.

10. Whole grains :Whole grains tend to have more fibre than other grains and this is great for people with diabetes as fibre slows the digestion process, which in turn helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Wholegrain bread, rice, and pasta all count as does quinoa and buckwheat, making the simple swap can make all the difference.

An easy way to add vitamins and minerals to your diet is to drink a superfood juice every day. packed with nutrients and delivered straight to your door, a great boost to your health and an easy change to make. To order yours simply visit our shop today.

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