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The benefits of Beetroot

Rich in folates, which we need for tissue growth and the development of the fetal spinal cord, beetroot has intense antioxidant properties.

It contains nitrate, which is used to supply oxygen to the brain and betalain which, fights inflammation. Loved for its ability to lower blood pressure, beetroot’s sweet, earthy taste makes it a fantastic food to eat. 

If you’re using fresh beetroot at home, don’t throw away the leaves - they’re an excellent source of fibre and can be used just like spinach.

Beetroot comes in many varieties, from orange to white and the more common red. You can eat both the root and the leaves although the leaves can be a bit bitter.  Red beetroot, in particular, is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has many key nutrients including folate, manganese and copper.

Beets have been used for many purposes over the years most commonly for food, dye and medicinal reasons and now research is beginning to illustrate some of the properties of this amazing vegetable.

Beetroot can be good for the heart

Researchers have concluded that one glass of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Beetroot contains high levels of nitric oxide which can increase the size of your blood vessels to help the blood flow more easily m thus reducing blood pressure. 

Beetroot can be good for the brain

Recent research suggests that the naturally-occurring nitrate in vegetables such as beetroot can improve mental acuity.

When we digest food or drink that is rich in nitrate, nitric oxide is produced, which is known to cause our blood vessels to widen. It is thought that this could lead to a range of health benefits.

The 2017 study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences by Dr Daniel Kim-Shapiro and colleagues found that a supplement of beetroot juice combined with exercise produced brain activity in older adults that resembles that of younger adults.

It turns out that the beetroot juice supplement works just like exercise, increasing blood flow to our brains. And increasing blood flow to the brain essentially makes an older brain younger.

Beetroot can be good for physical performance

Studies have found that beetroot makes the muscles more fuel-efficient, thereby enhancing stamina. One study involved men aged from 19 to 38, who cycled on exercise bikes. Taking about half a litre of beet juice a day enabled them to cycle 16% longer without getting exhausted.

It also aids recovery because when muscles are resting, the nitrates in beetroot helps to bring more oxygen to the muscle cells helping muscles recover more efficiently. For the rest of us, including beetroot in our diets might be the energy boost we need.

Beetroot can be good for the gut

Beetroot contains soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre helps to feed healthy bacteria in your large bowel and promote good gut health. One cup of beetroot contains about 3.4 grams of fibre, making it an excellent source of this nutrient.


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