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What are the top 20 superfoods?

This is a contentious question; ask 5 nutritionists and you will get 5 different answers. This is because different superfoods have different qualities. For example, it would be difficult to find a vegetable that has higher levels of Vitamin K than Kale or fruit with higher Vitamin C than Guava.

However, although open to interpretation, we feel that the following are good contenders for a place in the top 20.

  1. Wheatgrass - a powerful superfood with high levels of Vitamins A, B5, B12 and E
  2. Kale- an excellent source of folate, zinc, calcium, iron and Vitamin K
  3. Blueberries – High in fibre and antioxidants
  4. Almonds – Packed with heart-healthy fat
  5. Kefir- Full of calcium, Vitamin B and protein
  6. Garlic – Contains Vitamin C, B6 and selenium
  7. Ginger – A great antioxidant
  8. Turmeric – Containing curcumin and antioxidants
  9. Avocado- Full of heart-healthy fats
  10. Beetroot – Containing B Vitamins, potassium, manganese, and iron
  11. Barley grass – Rich in Vitamins A & C providing antioxidants
  12. Matcha tea – High antioxidant levels
  13. Mushrooms – Especially Reishi which is nutrient and antioxidant-rich
  14. Goji berry – High levels of fibre, iron, Vitamin a and c
  15. Cacao- Packed with flavanoids
  16. Maqui berry- Rich in antioxidants
  17. Pomegranate- One of the most antioxidants rich fruits
  18. Spinach- Filled with nutrients, iron and fibre
  19. Tomato- Nutrient rich and a good source of Vitamin C
  20. Banana - The original superfood

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