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3 Reasons To Detox Regularly

People often think a detox is unfamiliar and that it is a bit odd not to eat cooked foods for several days . But it is like an internal shower – Absolutely Fantastic for your Health, if it is done correctly. 

Why Cleanse/Detox?

Detoxing is nature’s way of accelerating recovery and repair. We all find it important to clean our body every day – detoxing/cleansing is simply an internal shower!

It gives the body an opportunity to restore balance, remove toxins and excess fat – all that hinders vitality. During the cleanse, you ease the digestive process by replacing meals with raw, organic, freshly juiced nutrient dense juices, which provides you with a full load of healing and energising nutrients.

Once the fibres in the vegetables and low-GI fruit are broken down, the vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes are absorbed by the body very quickly.

The result of a juice cleanse is: natural weight loss, glowing skin, brighter eyes, cleaner blood, liver, kidneys –  and an invigorating sense of optimism and zest for life!

Overload of toxins in the body

In today’s world we are becoming sick from an overload of toxins in the body. As a nation, we are overfed and undernourished because we eat foods that are nutrient depleted and contain pesticides, fertilisers, hormones, antibiotics and artificial food chemicals. Even our drinking water contains chlorine and synthetic oestrogen.
These toxins are stored in fat cells, tissues, bodily organs – even the brain. Fatigue, allergies, weight gain, low energy, poor immunity and many other health conditions are all signs that we are not detoxifying properly.
When you start on a juice cleanse it is like a spring clean: you are helping your body to vigorously break down fat cells, which are then able to shift accumulated toxins away via the bloodstream, digestive system, urinary system and liver. You are giving your organs a holiday from their busy jobs, conditioning them to increase your energy levels naturally and promote healthy weight loss and fresh radiant skin.

1. Physical Benefits

The physical benefits are those you notice first. As the toxins are stored in the major organs, detoxification helps these areas the most. The organs which benefit the most are the liver, stomach and colon. The detox process allows these organs to work more efficiently and at their optimum levels.

 Physical detox benefits:

◦    Weight loss
◦    Increased energy levels
◦    Reduced cellulite and bloating
◦    Improved: weight control, bowel health, dietary habits
◦    Clearer skin and eyes
◦    Decrease in signs of ageing
◦    Rejuvenation of all major organs
◦    Improved circulation and clearer blood
◦    Improved immune system due to elimination of free radicals

2. Psychological Benefits

There are also many more subtle benefits, as the accumulated toxins and free radicals in the body also affect brain functions. Many people report experiencing heightened mental clarity, improved focus, and a sense of calmness during and after a juice cleanse.

After a detox you will feel these benefits:

◦    Broken the habit of unhealthy focus on food
◦    Decreased cravings
◦    Improved concentration
◦    Improved sleep pattern
◦    Calmness
◦    Improved mental clarity

3. Lifestyle Changes

These positive benefits, which you feel can also stay with you for a long time. The healthy feeling can be addictive and lead to you wanting to change your lifestyle more permanently by cutting out bad habits and making healthier lifestyle choices.

Are you inspired – but not sure where to start? Check out our Detox Bundles and get ready to join Britt on her detox journey next week, the long-term benefits can be quite revolutionary and surprising.

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